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IT Education and Training

Reach your full potential learning from one of the best in Sri Lanka.

There is a huge difference between theory and practice. I am no John Doe without a job teaching you how to get one. I am a busy software engineer, one of the best in the island, saddened by the plight of IT education in the island taught by talkers no better than parrots and not real industry experts.

I am a computer-engineer graduated from University of Peradeniya. I am one of the top software engineers in the island the best for Ruby based application development. I know how the IT world revolves like the back of my hand.

I have taught students Physics and Chemistry in my university days and would like to reboot my curiosity to teach.

I would like to help OL students and AL students with their IT education as a start and guide them in their IT careers. It is sad to see people been deceived eventually loosing money and years spend on useless education.

Write back to me for more information.