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Full Stack Web Development

High Quality Client Side, Server Side & Database Development

A true full stack developer with through understanding in hardware/network/system, data modeling, business logic, API/MVC, UI, UX and customer/business needs.

Todays business requirements are challenging and dynamic. You require to model your website/software to meet your business needs and to evolve as your organization grows. Who will have your back as you sail through challenging times?

Let me introduce my self... I am Ziyan. If I am to be frank, I am your Swiss Army Tank!

I am a computer engineering graduate from University of Peradeniya. As a student, problems were my motivation. I felt alive like never before, each solution I drew or each bug that I killed. I graduated with a second class honors upper division in 2012, just missing the first class thanks for my challenging final year project which I went OCD.

Server, Network & Hosting

I have good knowledge about systems both Linux and Windows not only in theory but also in practice. I have worked as a systems and network engineer for 6 months before moving along as a freelancer. I have not only consumed but also implemented cloud based solutions.

When it comes to application development, I account to both the system and platform (language / framework) strengths and weaknesses. My priority is to provide an efficient and reliable product to my customer.

Data Modeling

Applications are all about data, how its gathered, stored and processed. A poorly modeled data-layer would result complications in the business-logic and view layers often resulting to code hacks that unpleasant.

I listen to to the business requirements to have an understanding of the requirements. Following through investigation I build a normalized model of the database. Then I demoralize it appropriately for optimization requirements.

Business Logic

This is where the main code (or you could tell that it is the heart) of the application comes to be. If we haven't already made the decision of which platform / framework this is where we make it along with the appropriate framework (ex: Ruby on Rails for Ruby).

Backed by solid OOP skills and 6 years experience in the field I will craft fully tested classes to meet business demands. I will also make sure the code will be efficient and reliable for real-world challenges.

API Layer / Action Layer / Views

While the business logic is the heart of an application, this is the skin. You may think it is not as important, but think like this, a good heart won't get you laid!

I use my wealth of experience in UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) to implement simple to use interfaces for users / other applications to interact with.

User Interface (UI)

Interfaces are two part, what the user sees and what the application sees. We need to create efficient user interfaces as well as they need to be feature rich to meet the end users requirements.

I generally use jQuery, Bootstrap powered user interfaces wired to gather with JavaScript OOP using CoffeeScript. For complicated interfaces we may use a framework like React.js or Angular. With such we will implement features like drag-drop, text-editors and animations etc.

User Experience (UX)

I make sure, things just work. A user won't be left puzzled on what to do next. I make sure the user interfaces that I produce are simple, intuitive and in case of an error an appropriate error message to be displayed assisting the user understand the situation.

To achieve my goals, I would account the target use base and there computer literacy levels when ever applicable.

Customer and Business Needs

None of this matter if I get a wrong image of what my customer requires. I will engage the customer often and do a ton of additional research to understand the requirements before proceeding.

So bare with me, all those questions I may ask you, is for the successful completion of your project!