Full Stack Web Development

High Quality Client Side, Server Side & Database Development

Improve productivity and customer satisfaction with websites and business applications catered to your precise requirements.

Websites have improved significantly over the last 30 years from been simple online brochures to interactive platforms where customers, employees and stake-holders interact in real-time. Customers will have access to their own portal and your staff can cater the needs of your customers remotely. Management and stake-holders can monitor the organizational activity as it happens through graphical visualizations and tabular data. The availability of information helps in performance reviews and also future planning, a necessary step in improving productivity and profit.

Some businesses would find it helpful and have the luxury (flexibility) to use separate full fledged CRM (Customer Relationship Management software), ERP (Enterprise Relationship Planner software) and a website that interfaces with tools like ERPs and CRMs. In scenarios as such I will use existing applications to reduce development time & cost.

But most businesses would find existing applications resisting their way of business and would prefer to build applications that meet their work flow.

It will be my pleasure to discuss with you; your organization requirements; and advice you on the best course of action.