Search Engine Optimization

Its free, better and more effective than prime time advertising!

Optimize your website for search-engines like Google & Bing to improve customer reach and expand your ventures online presence.

Search engines are a key component of the Internet age. Today 'Google it' is such a common word it has even made it to the dictionary.

You need to understand how search engines operate. Their main business model is to find relevant content to the end user. Today search engine optimization is mostly about improving the website for the end-users needs. Any other means is a short cut to get black listed.

SEO is not a package which you can drag and drop in to a project. It is a process where the results take time to come. It is some thing particular to your site. Optimization has two sides.

Technical development

This is the technical side of

  • Improve site flow to make content more accessible
  • Optimizing page load times
  • Optimizing images & videos
  • Fixing any HTML markup violations

Content development