Hay, I am Ziyan!

I am a software engineer with experience in Linux systems administration. For a living, I build secure, scalable and efficient applications.

I have been in businesses for nearly 8 years. The last 5 has been more or less exclusively on the Ruby echosystem. I specialize in building SaaS & business applications but I also do e-commerce and general web development.

Based on my availability, I am open to join medium to large scale projects. If you are interested, drop me a message.

Things About Me

I am a top-rated UpWork freelancer with 100% client satisfaction. I specialize in engineering services (software and systems). With my colleagues I am able to provide a comprehensive package.

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Let me help you

I am a software developer with system and database administering skills. I can help you with development and project managmement.

Ruby - Rails, Sinatra & Grape API
PHP - Laravel & WordPress
Node.js - Express, Sails
Design - PS, Inkscape
Software engineer & Systems administrator
Trusted excellence

Top rated dev, 8 years experience, 35 successful projects with 100% client satisfaction on UpWork.